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Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Nixon Peabody Partners with Law Firm Sustainability Network
Carolyn Kaplan, Nixon Peabody’s Chief Sustainability Officer, Serves as Board Member

August 6, 2013

Boston, MA. A group of top U.S. law firms including Nixon Peabody LLP has come together to promote the benefits of environmental sustainability across the legal industry. The Law Firm Sustainability Network (LFSN) is a newly incorporated nonprofit organization focused on developing key performance indicators and best practice guidelines, fostering knowledge-sharing, and recognizing sustainability innovations in the U.S. legal sector.

Carolyn Kaplan, Nixon Peabody’s Chief Sustainability Officer and the first to hold such a position in a law firm, serves as a board member for the LFSN. In her role as CSO at Nixon Peabody, Ms. Kaplan leads the firm’s Legally Green® initiative, implementing sustainability policies and practices throughout the firm, partnering with leading organizations on sustainability initiatives, and assisting clients to create long-term value through sustainable business strategies.

“Nixon Peabody has been an industry leader for many years, practicing environmental stewardship within our firm, sharing best practices with our community, and helping our clients respond to sustainability risks, transform their operations, and deliver differentiating value,” said Ms. Kaplan. “By working collaboratively with others in the legal industry, we can have an even greater impact on preserving the environment.”

The LFSN plans to publish the results of its benchmark survey, a statistical analysis of top firms’ current implementation of sustainable practices, later this year. The LFSN is developing the American Legal Industry Sustainability Standards (ALISS), a self-assessment tool that comprehensively measures law firms’ implementation of practices that promote energy efficiency, conservation of resources, recycling, and other environmental measures.

The LFSN joins its global partners, the Legal Sector Alliance UK and the Australian Legal Sector Alliance, in raising awareness and reducing environmental impacts within the legal industry.

For more information about LFSN, please visit their website:

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