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Friday, December 07, 2007


Brit Brown and Benjamin Escobar of Beirne, Maynard & Parsons have authored a comprehensive treatment of wind power litigation. See WIND POWER: GENERATING ELECTRICITY AND LAWSUITS by Brit T. Brown and Benjamin A. Escobar, 28 Energy L.J. 489.

Whether imagined or real, fears over the declining reserves of traditional hydrocarbon fuels and worsening emission-induced global warming have increased both the economic and social costs associated with the world’s traditional fuel supplies to the point where alternative energy, including wind energy, is becoming increasingly attractive.

The apparent benefits of wind energy, including the fact that it is clean, renewable, and socially acceptable, have spurred political endorsement and subsidy, just as advancing technology has increased cost competitiveness. These combined trends are freeing up capital and opening up markets for significant increases in wind power generation.

The relatively explosive growth of wind energy is, however, increasingly facing opposition in the courts, legislatures, and controlling state and federal agencies, thereby tempering political and investor enthusiasm. As wind developments continue to consume real estate, much of which lies in close proximity to communities or pristine lands, opposition is certain to increase. Thus far, however, favorable factors are propelling wind energy developments forward despite the opposition.

Click here for WIND POWER: GENERATING ELECTRICITY AND LAWSUITS by Brit T. Brown and Benjamin A. Escobar, 28 Energy L.J. 489.

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