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Thursday, November 29, 2007


Since September, LeClairRyan has recorded a number of successes in high-stakes matters through jury trials, court petitions and before government agencies, including:

-- Defense verdict on all counts in a $20 million high profile unlawful harassment, sexual assault and aggravated sexual battery action.
Defense by Labor and Employment attorneys Charles G. Meyer III, John M. Barr and Linda B. Georgiadis.

-- Successful petition to the USDC to release from seizure assets used as collateral for a line of credit issued the firm's client.
Petition by Heather H. Polzin and John M. “Jack” Robb III.

-- Regulatory approval by the State Corporation Commission of the first acquisition in Virginia in two decades of an electric utility’s service territory by another utility company.
Prosecution by Government Relations and Regulated Industries attorneys James Patrick Guy II, John A. Pirko, Eric M. Page and Samuel R. Brumberg.

-- Defense verdict in a $3 million medical malpractice matter alleging failure to diagnose a post-operative leak from a gastric bypass.
Defense by Rodney K. Adams and Jimmy F. Robinson, Jr.

-- Defense verdict in a $3.4 million matter alleging wrongful death during a cardiac stress test.
Defense by Rodney K. Adams and Kimberly A. Satterwhite.

-- Multi-million dollar trial court opinion reversed by Virginia's Supreme Court in a breach of fiduciary duty claim.
Defense by Everette G. “Buddy” Allen, Jr. and Stephen M. Faraci, Sr.

-- Defense verdict in 8-week jury trial in USDC. Plaintiffs sought $100 million in compensatory and punitive damages for violation of the Alien Tort Claims Act, Religious Freedom Restoration Act, and various common law duties in connection with the construction and operation of an INS detention facility.
Defense by Thomas M. Wolf.

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